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Spring is in the air!

For those lucky enough to live in places where the weather is getting warmer, you  are already ready to throw off those boots and leggings and grab some sandals and sundresses.  Even those us who have to endure colder temperatures for a few more weeks are feeling the itch to break free from our sweaters and show some skin!

Before you break out the mid-drifts or show a little leg, let’s make sure your skin is Spring-time ready.

Let’s face it, during winter we pledge to find the thickest, richest body butter and promise to give our skin some TLC. But underneath the tights, cordoroys, hats, sweaters and scarves we often neglect our skin, not giving it the moisture or attention it deserves.

This means Spring can catch our skin a little off-guard.

Here are a few ways, to get your skin ready for Spring!


During those long winter days, I’m sure you skin sustained some rough patches. Don’t fear. That’s where a good exfoliant comes into play.  You can polish of those rough spots with a great exfoliant. This will remove the top layer of dead skin and give you a great spring glow.

  • Spring Hair Removal:

Let’s be honest, hair removal may be less of a priority during the winter. So when Spring rolls around many of us are reaching to the nearest salon for some “de-fuzzing.”

Exfoliating before any type of hair removal session is essential and is always recommended.  It is good to exfoliate a few days before your hair removal session.  Exfoliating will help loosen the skin making hair removal easier, and removes the top layer of dead skin cells, for glowing skin after your treatment.

Exfoliating also helps to reduce in-grown hairs, because it softens the skin.


During the Spring-time transition, it is important to replenish your skin of the moisture lost during the winter months.  Avoid harsh cleansers.  Sometimes the more a cleanser/ body wash foams or lathers, the more drying it can be for your skin. Foaming agents often contain chemicals that strip the skin of its natural oils.

Opt for a cleanser that is gentler, you may not get the suds you are used to, but your skin will thank you.


Don’t throw away your body butter just yet. You may actually need your heavier body butter during the Spring transition, especially if you haven’t been properly exfoliating and moisturizing during the winter.  Use this time to give your skin some TLC and prep for summer.

For spring, the best time to use your body moisturizer is right after the shower. While your skin is still slightly damp, put on your moisturizer and let your skin soak up the nutrients from your body butter.

By putting your moisturizer on wet skin, you will need to use less, and you reduce oily build-up on your skin, giving your skin a perfect moisture balance.

So, embrace spring and take this time to bring your skin back to life.  Your fabulous summer glow will thank you!


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