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A great workspace can work wonders for your attitude and your productivity. Whether at home or at the office it’s important to incorporate your lifestyle beliefs into your workspace; it can be fun too!

At Skin Deep we love tons of natural light and sleek, clean spaces.

A great workspace can inspire you beyond measure! However, corkspaces can also use a lot of energy and leave a large carbon footprint.

Here are some tips to green your workspace and keep the good energy flowing!

A bright idea

Brighten your workspace during the early morning and afternoon hours by using natural light. Open the blinds/curtains and let the light in! The sunlight helps to improve your mood and productivity, while reducing electricity usuage.

Use Recycled Paper in your Printer

Using recycled paper in your printer is a great way to green up your workspace. You don’t necessarily have to buy recylced paper, you can just recycle the paper you use in the office (old memos, fax receipts, etc). Also, printing on both sides is a great way to reduce the amount of paper used.

Use technology to reduce paper usage

Whenever possible, Try to get magazine subscriptions, catalogs, business statements etc., online to reduce the amount of printed materials you need. Email memos, invoices, etc to employees and customers instead of printing paper copies.

Unplug Appliances at the End of the Day

Make a habit of turning your computer off when you leave the desk. At the end of the day disconnect all appliances from electrical outlets. If you are using a power strip make sure to power it off.


Use two waste-baskets, One for recyclable paper items and one for the regular trash. You can also recycle your old ink cartridges and toner.

Create a Healthy Environment

Brighten up your space with plants. Plants are not only lovely to look at, they also help absorb indoor pollution. Re-usuable containers, like glass coffee cups, plates, etc reduce waste. Non-toxic cleaning products keeps your workspace clean and chemical free.

How you do green your Workspace?!

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