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Beautiful Skin is Healthy Skin!

Sometimes developing a healthy skin routine can seem difficult. However, regardless of your skin type there are 4 essential and simple steps you should take on your journey to beautiful skin!

1. Cleanse : Shea Body Cleansing Cream
You should always use gentle, sulfate free cleansers. Use luke warm water and avoid hot and cold water that may harm your skin.

2. Exfoliate: Shea Body Polish Sugar Scrub

Exfoliation is a way to facilitate the skin’s maintenance process because it removes the dead cells and replaces them with new skin cells. Dead skin cells are not capable of responding to personal skin care products but still consume these products, hence they largely reduce the ingredients reaching the new skin cells. Thus removing dead skin cells is important in order to increase the effectiveness of all personal skin care products.

Generally, exfoliation takes it place just after cleansing. Exfoliate 4-5 times per week for oily/normal skin and 1-2 times per week for dry/sensitive skin. Exfoliate a couple of times more in hot and humid weather.

3. Moisturize: Shea Body Souffle

This is one of the most important things in skin care routine. Even people with oily skin need moisturizers. Moisturizers seal the moisture in your skin. A good moisturizer will impart beneficial nutrients into your skin, promoting healthy skin growth and restoration & increase the appearance of healthy skin over time. Applying the moisturizer is best when your skin is still damp.
Tip: Keep your moisturizer in the bathroom for use right after a bath or shower.

4. Protect
Follow up with sunscreen or UV protection, especially for you face.

Simple right?!


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