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Vitamin D is the holy grail of vitamins for healthy, moisturized skin!  The sun is the single most effective source of Vitamin D.  During the summer months a daily walk in the sun is best way to reap the benefits of vitamin D for your skin.
Vitamin D and moisturized Skin
According to the Johnson and Johnson Skin Research Center, studies show that low levels of vitamin D are linked to dry skin.
Vitamin D improves the moisture balance of the skin by replenishing hydration.  More moisture in the skin contributes to better skin elasticity, which helps the skin keep a younger and firmer appearance. Vitamin D also plays an important role is skin cell growth and regeneration.  More skin cell growth = healthier, younger looking skin.
Vitamin D also helps smooth wrinkles and fine lines and reduces the acne scars and skin blemishes.  As a powerful anti-oxidant Vitamin D works to prevent the pre-mature aging of skin as well ass preventing damage to skin cell structure.
Getting Vitamin D during winter months
Since the sun is the single best source of Vitamin D, it is easy to become deficient of Vitamin D during those cold, cloudy winter days.  This is one reason why the skin becomes drier during the winter months.
Fear Not, there are plenty of ways to get a healthy dose of Vitamin D during the winter in order to combat dry winter skin.
One way get the requiste amount of skin healthy Vitamin D is to use a topical application of Vitamin D oil.  Applying  Vitamin D oil directly to the skin, provides a great moisture boost and helps to clear skin blemishes and dark spots.
You can also load up on Vitamin D by eating nutrient rich foods.  Foods rich in Vitamin D include:
Milk, Salmon, Orange Juice, Yogurt, Whole Grains, Cod Liver Oil, Tuna, Egg Yolk, Fortified Cereals and Vitamin D supplements.
So give your dry skin some help this winter and stock up on the Vitamin D!
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